Monday, March 2, 2009

Tarot Meaning-The Hermit

The previous post here on Tarot meaning Information was the tarot meaning of The Lovers

The Fool has learnt many things on his journey. The next stage of initiation has been reached and he must sit quietly for a time.

The tarot meaning of The Hermit is, you have a pressing need to be by yourself inorder to thinl and make plans. YOu want to unplug the telephone,cancel social arrangements and leave the door unanswered. Perhaps there is a serious decision to make. YOu may feel you have achieved everything you have set out to do and wonder whta't next.

Another tarot meaning of the Hermit is take steps to eliminate unhealthy ruts and routines. Don't let yourself get stuck in the expectations of others.

YOu may want to spend some time in a retreat, meditate, take long solitary walks or travel alone. Peace and quiet are important now. You will not lose out if you drop out of the social whirl for a time.

Listen to the advice that is given by someone who is kind and wise for it will be worth its weight in gold.

When the Hermit appears, it can be a warning against thoughtless action. This card's message is one of prudence,caution and discretion in wordly affairs.Silence is golden for it illuminates the path ahead.

Tarot Meaning Hermit reversed

Many people hate being alone. They need noise, distractions and ceaseless activity for they are frightened to look deeply inside themselves. The tarot meaning of this card's position suggests a life full of empty chatter.

Another tarot meaning of the Hermit reversed is that you are wasting your time in some way. Your energy could be used more productively. Examine your life and preoccupations.

Take care of unfinished business. Don't let responsibilities weigh you down and stay away from anything that goeas against your grain.

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