Monday, March 2, 2009

Tarot Meaning-The Justice

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Justice can sometimes indicate a choice or decision. Justice often appears in answer to questions connected with the law, contracts or fromal agreements. This card can symbolize important legal documents requiring signatures, a court case or negotiations.

If you are currently involved in some kind of litigation,justice suggests that the matter will be resolved in your favor. Another tarot meaning of Justice is that, if you are making unreasonable demands or being greedy then you may get less than you hope.

What goes around, comes around. Seek legal counsel and ask advice from elders.

Tarot Meaning Justice reversed

Tell the truth or get ready to suffer the consequences. Your frineds are wishy washy now. Do your part to say what's real ,what's right and what you feel. Let go of the past and resolve to turn over a new leaf.

Injustice, imbalance and delays are tarot meaning of the Justice reversed. Any legal process in your life will be slow and painful. You may have to pay more than you bargained for, or wait for a long time until your case is finally resolved.

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