Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tarot Meaning-The Star

The previous post here on Tarot Meaning Information was the tarot meaning of The Wheel Of Fortune.

This is the card of optimism and hope. You have a chance to start over in long standing situations.

Another important tarot meaning of the Star is that you gain a fresh insight into an old problem and are full of energy and vitality. Your horizons open up.

The Star indicates a trip to the country or the need for more contact with nature-plants, animals, beaches. These things can have a healing influence on you.

Tarot Meaning The Star reversed
You may feel depressed or pessimistic about the future. You doubt your own abilities. This mood could stem from actual events or simply from exhaustion.

You may not be able to relax easily and feel tired and generally fed up.

Another tarot meaning of this card's position is that problems may come about though lack of trust in each other in terms of relationship.

You or your partner may feel cut off, detached and unable to express love naturally or spontaneously.

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