Monday, March 2, 2009

Tarot Meaning-The Strength

The previous post here on Tarot Meaning Information was the tarot meaning ofThe Heirophant

When you draw Strength, try to be a peaceamker. Weigh all sides of the situation. Don't miss the big picture by focusing on details. Stubborness is your challenge of the moment. You have the courage of your convictions and will triumph over hatred, miserly attitudes and mean spirited enemies.

You are filled with faith and power:optimism and a firm resolve will enable you to win through in any situation.

Another tarot meaning of the Strength is when it manifests as a person, he or she is generous and fair minded or you may encounter someone who will fight on your behalf.

If you have been involved in an unpleasant dispute or have experienced antagonism from others, you will be able to resolve things now or reconciled with your enemies.

If you draw Strength when you are experiencing relationship difficulties, you must try to open your heart, forgive and forget. Strength suggests that there is more than enough love between you. A happy future together is possible if you are both determined and don not give up at the first hurdle.

Tarot Meaning Strength reversed

Everyone expects the best from you and vice versa. Arguments with your partner or spouse or close associates are likely now. Don't give in to intimidation or pressure and never go to bed to angry.

Are you seeing things realistically? Wait one more day to take action.

Another tarot meaning of this card's position is that courage has deserted you. You have lost your nerve and no longer believe that anything is possible.

This postion is telling you to summon up your inner strength and carry on despite genuine difficulties. YOu will be successful if only you can overcome your fear of failure, enemies or obstacles.

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