Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tarot Meaning-Wheel Of Fortune

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When you draw the Wheel of Fortune, you are approaching one of those moments in life when fate does take a hand in your affairs. Strange coincidences, fortunate meetings and lucky breaks can all shape your destiny at this time.

Another tarot meaning of the Wheel of Fortune is that you are beginning a new cycle. You may find yourself with a whole new set of friends, a new career or a totally unexpected new home.

Tarot Meaning Wheel of Fortune reversed
Luck isn't on your side just now. This is not a good time to be alone though.

Ask questions ,seek answers, try options. This is a bad time to initiate any fresh projects unexpected delays appear out of nowhere.

Take heart for the wheel is always in motion and if you can be patient Fate will smile on you once more. That's the tarot meaning of the Wheel of Fortune reversed.

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