Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tarot Meaning-Ace of Pentacles

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Security,contentment,solidity and permanence are all basic tarot meaning of Ace of Pentacles.

Relationships or working partnership are peaceful. This is agreat time to apply for new work or seek a promotion.

Another important tarot meaning of Ace of Pentacles is you can expect financial improvement. Money is on the way. You will soon feel comfortable.

You will receive substantial bonus or benefit from profit sharing schemes. This card suggests windfalls and gains through gambling and or cash gifts.

Tarot Meaning-Ace of Pentacles reversed

The basic tarot meaning of this card's position is financial difficulties. Money may be tight.

Beware of reckless irresponsible people. Surround yourself with colleagues looking out for your best interests.

Another tarot meaning of Ace of Pentacles reversed is that someone who is already financially secure even wealthy but who cannot resist trying to make more money or acquire more possessions.

This position may point to corrupt business dealings.embezzlement or fraud.

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