Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tarot Meaning -Ace of Swords

The tarot meaning of Ace of Swords is clarity and power of air. It signifies mental changes,fresh ways of thinking and intellectual process.

This is a good time to push ahead with ideas,contract negotiations and other legal matters. Don't let your ego get in the way.

Goals you can meet quickly are better than long term ones. Another important tarot meaning of Ace of Swords are the laws of karma, the laws of cause and effect. What you sow you will reap.

Tarot Meaning-Ace of Swords reversed

The basic tarot meaning of this card's position is that things are out of balance. Expect delays,misunderstandings and quarrels.

An invisible puppet master seems to be pulling the strings, delighting in destroying your expectations, plans or schemes.

Ace of Swords reversed suggests mental stress. Practice patience and perseverance. This is a good time for some solo work. In your dealings with others dont distort the facts.

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