Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tarot Meaning-The Hanged Man

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When you draw the Hanged Man in a tarot reading, you have reach a temporary pause in your life and will be unable to effect changes now.

Another important tarot meaning of the Hanged Man is rise above material concerns and the way things have always been.

Relax and rethink. Try another avenue.

Allow others to change their minds and look at new options is another basic tarot meaning of the Hanged Man.Contemplate, don't agitate. Try to cultivate patience and enjoy your waiting room for you will not be in it forever.

If you question involved a decision,this is not the right time to take it. Even if you go ahead you will encounter delays. The best course is to accept that time is suspended and that waiting is inevitable just now.

Tarot Meaning Hanged man reversed

This card warns you of bad investments, loss of belongings and reversals of fortune is the basic tarot meaning of the Hanged Man reversed.

You may be pressurizing someone unwittingly in your eagerness to get things done. The hanges Man reversed advises you to stop what you are doing, remember the lessons of The Hermit and consider your actions.

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