Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tarot Meaning-The World

The Tarot Meaning of the World is success, fulfillment,completion and accomplishment.

You have reached yet another cycle in your life like finished important project at work, creative endeavour of your own or a long term course of education,starting a family and leaving behind the single life.

Another important tarot meaning of The World is journey,new home,new place of work,change of environment usually denotes change for the better.

Tarot Meaning The World reversed

Completion is still implied but it has been delayed. There is something else that needs to be done before completion may be finalized.

Resolutions may come slowly but will be worthwhile when they arrive is another basic tarot meaning of this card's position.

There is some unfinished business to be resolved between you and your partner.

Try to come to terms with your past and realize that living in its shadows may be preventing future happiness.

Open your heart, there is nothing to fear a positive relationship lies ahead.

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