Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tarot Meaning_the Moon

Welcome back to Tarot Meaning Information. The previous post was about the tarot meaning of the Hanged Man.

When you draw the Moon in a tarot reading, it sometimes suggests a need or longing for sleep. It can indicate water retention, menstrual problems and presence of toxins in the body.

Massage, reflexology and water based therapies are denoted by the Moon.

Another important tarot meaning of the Moon is your intuition is very strong right now, but you're still likely to be deceived.

People are acting clannish and very emotional. Don't join the crowd. Read between the lines

Tarot Meaning-The Moon reversed

You may be dealing with insincere people. Someone is lying to you.

Keep your own counsel, there is a possibility that hidden enemies are working against you is the basic tarot meaning of the Moon reversed.You may have to deal with alcoholism, drug abuse,depression or people in prison or hospital when the Moon falls in the reversed position.

Another important tarot meaning of the Moon reversed is everyone wants things done his or her way, so go easy on yourself. Take a mental health day to get away from your responsibilities. When you come back roll with the punches.

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