Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-Five of Cups

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When you draw the Five of Cups in a tarot card reading, things are not what they seem, keep your emotions in check.

Beware of deception and illusion. Reinforce your beliefs with facts and demand the same of others.

The Five of Cups is a sad card which denotes grieving and a period of the sting of emotional wounds. Some ideal relationship ,deeply helf belief or even faith has been torn to pieces.

Another tarot card meaning of the Five of Cups is that you may be harping back to old wounds and at present unable to release them. There is a sense of despair and unability to understand why things went wrong.

When this card refers to ongoing relationship, it suggests that some vow has been broken or there some kind of betrayal. This doesnt necessarily mean an affair outside the relationship.

It can indicate disappointment with one's partner on some level or a feeling of loneliness and waste within the relationship. Perhaps one partner is more demonstrative or supportive than the other.

Tarot Card Meaning-Five of Cups reversed

When you draw the Five of Cups reversed in a tarot card reading, sad times are going to end soon. Hope arises and new opportunities appear. Pain and struggle have left their mark. Sometimes this card represents happiness coming bacl into your life in the form of a dear friend or former lover.

YOu may have parted badly and the relationship could have caused you pain and regret.

Now is the opportunity to make up your differences and restore the relationship between you.

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