Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-Four of Swords

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When you draw the Four of Swords in a tarot card reading, rest and recuperation are required. A quiet time alows you to gather your thoughts,re-assess what has been achieved and enjoy a peaceful interlude.

Another tarot card meaning of Four of Swords foretells a deliberate withdrawal from the world for a time. Unplug the phone,stop going out every night and take it easy for awhile.

This card may be accompanied by the Hermit which serves to strengthen its message.

Tarot Card Meaning-Four of Swords reversed
When you draw the Four of Swords reversed in a tarot card reading it means nervous exhaustion over a prolonged period has caused some physical problem or mental instability.

Socially and personally you may find yourself rather lonely. Friendships and relationships fail to bring you pleasure. People who were once close to you seem to have shanged.

Your private life could seem dull and limited, it is only a phase however and will not last forever is another tarot card meaning of this card's position.

Let associates lend a hand. Don't get bogged down by the past. Friends,family and coworkers bring answer soon.

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