Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-Three of Cups

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When you draw the Three of Cups in a tarot card reading there is likely something to celebrate soon. The tarot card meaning of the Three of Cups is family celebrations such as engagements, christening, weddings and special anniversaries.

It sometimes herald a birth but usually it is for a close friends or relatives. This is a lucky card denoting glowing good health and the possibilty of presents and prizes.

Socially the Three of Cups signifies a lively phase with plenty of parties and happy events is another tarot card meaning of this card.

Tarot Card Meaning-Three of Cups reversed

When you draw the Three of Cups reversed in a tarot card reading, don't let disappointments get in the way of your happiness. Beware of over indulgence and depression and too much socializing.

Jealousy clouds reason. Financially, this card warns you not to be extravagant. You are likely to spend money like water especially on fun and entertainment.

You could find yourself putting on weight or feeling unhealthy as a result. There is news of birth or wedding.

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