Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-Three of Pentacles

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When you draw the Three of Pentacles in a tarot card reading, this signifies someone who has worked hard to master a profession or other means of earning a living. The time and effort put in has increased the person's value in the market place for he or she is confident and on the way to becoming established. All this effort will be rewarded shortly. The reward may be in form of a promotion, salary increase or praises and approval from others.

Another tarot card meaning of the Three of Pentacles is improvements and decorating. You are creating an extension to your home, have new kitchen fitted or garden landscaped. The money to pay for this is available and increased comfort are generally signified.

Tarot Card Meaning-Three of Pentacles reversed
When you draw the Three of Pentacles in a tarot card reading it means that the salary increase you may be hoping for are unlikely just now. This is not due to your ability or skills at yout work but due largely to the stingy attitude on the part of your employer or clients.

Don't let your insecurity drive you to be overly generous to the needy, you will end up with less energy and less money is another tarot card meaning of this card's position.

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