Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-Three of Swords

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When you draw the Three of Swords in a tarot card reading, it suggests eternal love triangle in which one of the participants will eventually get hurt in the end. But enlightenment may come out of this painful episode.

If you are already involved, the tarot card meaning of the Three of Swords suggests your current relationship is rocky. It is causing you a lot of stress.

This card also suggests unavoidable separations such as those caused by career. One partner may have to spend some time away on a job or studying.

Tarot Card Meaning-Three of Swords reversed
When you draw the Three of Swords reversed in a tarot card reading it means delays are inevitable, progress is sluggish.

Another tarot card meaning of this card's position is confusion and anxiety. Find ways to take control of the situation.

This position signifies the healing process has begun, the major heartache is over.

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