Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning -Three Of Wands

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When you draw the Three of Wands in a tarot card reading foretells success in business ventures or creative endeavours. New opportunities are coming your way.

Another tarot card meaning of the Three of Wands signifies a helpful often successful individual who is about to enter our life. This person will offer you advice and practical assistance very often in the form of a job offer or other opportunity.

This is not a lonely time. Use the strength around you. Team work brings luck.

Tarot Card Meaning-Three of Wands reversedOpportunities such as job offers and career possibilities are lost due to arrogance, foolish pride and overtones of snobbery.

When you draw the Three of Wands reversed in a tarot card reading it means stop struggling. Ask questions. Stay focused and don't be intimidated by know-it-alls.

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