Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-Two of Pentacles

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When you draw the Two Of Pentacles in a tarot card reading it refers to self employed people who have uncertain incomes. There may be too much work or not enough and these people must learn to balance their energies and resources accordingly.

Another tarot card meaning of the Two of Pentacles is to let go of something old in preparation for new opportunities. Keep your ears tuned to alternative business ventures.

Brainstorm with peers, explore teamwork.

Tarot Card Meaning- Two of Pentacles reversed

When you draw Two of Pentacles reversed in a tarot card reading its a warning against living beyond your means, financial imbalance and mounting debts.

Reflect carefully about your motives before dealing with people is another tarot card meaning of this card's position.

Act with integrity and you wll find success with all your endeavours.

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