Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning- Eight Of Pentacles

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You want what's best for your loved ones and co workers and you have the strength to provide it. But you have lots to learn. If you lack information have the determination to find it.

When you draw the Eight of Pentacles in a tarot card reading new skills, practical abilities is the best tarot card meaning of Eight of Pentacles.

It often signifies training,apprenticeship or further education of some kind like short courses or evening classes. It denotes all kinds of courses especially those which are taken as part of existing career or job. Knowledge and skills are being expanded.

Another tarot card meaning of Eight of Pentacles is prudence. It signifies savings,small gifts or money and careful financial management.

Tarot Card Meaning-Eight of Penatcles reversed
Problems with work is the tarot card meaning of Eight Of pentacles reversed. You may be in the wrong job or misusing your talents. Sometimes this misuse has mildly criminal overtones and refers to cash earned by moonlighting or other undeclared income.

It can denote dishonest business practices and shady deals.

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