Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning- Eight Of Swords

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Be easy going when you encounter opposition from stubborn people. Postpone ultimatums.

When you draw the Eight of Pentacles in a tarot card reading, don't accept everything as a fact. Update your resume and open your mind to new business deals.

A period of temporary restriction is the most basic tarot card meaning of Eight of Swords.

Mentally, you feel trapped and seem unable to break free.

You are unable to see the solutions to problems at the moment and feel very much alone in dealing with difficulties.

Another tarot card meaning of Eight of Swords is worry. A lot of mental energy is going to be wasted when this card appears. Indecision and constant fretting are energy blocks. However this situation must be faced squarely and some decision arrived at, in the near future.

Outside help may be needed to put problems in perspective or to analyze them clearly. Unexpected solutions to difficulties are possible.

Tarot Card Meaning-Eight of Swords reversedWhen you draw the Eight of Swords reversed in a tarot card reading, this means a slowing down period, delivers options and freedom from restriction. Results won't be instant.

Renewed confidence is the most basic tarot card meaning of this card's position. A sense of relaxation enable you to solve problems and move forward once again.

Another tarot card meaning of Eight of Swords reversed is, a quarrelsome patch and selfish behaviour. One partner may be trying to dominate the other or generally throwing weight around. Other cards will indicate whether this is passing phase or signifies deeper problems.

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