Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-King Of Wands

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You are about to be surprisingly successful in navigating extremely complex situations as you strive toward meeting some of your long range goals.

Cooperation in professional projects brings great rewards. The tarot card meaning of King Of Wands is some kind of formal financial agreement as in property settlement. It may suggest a legacy, business wheeling and dealing all types of negotiations.

It signifies charities and philanthropic organizations.

King of Wands often represents an energetic,fairminded and hard working man whom you are likely to meet at work or through business connections.

In private King of Wands is romanitc, man with a good sense of humor, usually an excellent company,generous,trustworthy and creative. His fondness for the countryside leads him to live there especially later in life for he loves to spend time outdoors.

Tarot Card Meaning-KIng of Wands reversedWhen you draw the King of Wands reversed in a tarot card reading seek new options for growth and utilize your skills.

Stay firmly within ethical boundaries when you act and don't be too agressive. King of Wands reversed may reveal an unpleasant character.

This card represents a person whose views are narrow. He is selfish,intolerant, ambitious and full of drive. Little will stop him on his road to the top.

In business this man is not to be trusted and he could be manipulating you to achieve his own ends.

In relationships he suggests someone who is lively and interesting. This attractive man makes a marvelous companion in the short term. Do not raise your hopes or make wedding plans for he loves his freedom and is not ready to take love seriously. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Another tarot card meaning of King Of Wands reversed indicates the male partner in an illicit love affair. When other cards such as Lovers reversed suggest this he will be charming and fun to be with but ultimately unavailable. if you fall in love with him in these situations you are surely to be playing with fire and expect yourself to get burned.

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