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Tarot Card Meaning-Knight of Wands

Tarot Card Meaning-Knight of Wands

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The more self asured you are the more better things will go. Everybody is playing to winm so be prepared for competition. Fight the need to have the final word.

Activity is another tarot card meaning of Knight of Wands. It also denotes short trips, new faces and places. This is a phase when you receive lots of letters or emails, phonecalls and potential job offers. socially there's plenty of invitation.

The Knight of Wands represents a sociable, intelligent young man. He has great plans for the future and with his energy and creativity he willeventually succeed. However at thisstagein life he has little staying powerm is easily bored by the daily grind and better at starting projects than following them through.

Sometimes this card can indicate an older man who is boyish character and attitude in life. He is looking for a mother figure and in business he is wishy washy.

Tarot Card Meaning- Knight of Wands reversed

When you draw the Knight of Wands reversed in a tarot card reading, dont believe everything you hear. Beware of impatience and white lies of others. Stand frim in your convictions but know when to swallow your pride.

Untrustworthy is another tarot card meaning of Knight of Wands reversed. It represents a fast talking charming rogue. A durty rotten scoundrel so to speak. He is not to be trusted in any way but can be hard to resist.

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