Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-Nine of Pentacles

Tarot Card Meaning- NIne of Pentacles

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Secure financial plateau is often the tarot card meaning of Nine of Pentacles.

Money comes easily and is no longer a worry. Much has been achieved and you are able to enjoy yourself.
There is a strong feeling of material comfort when this card appears. You are able to enjoy your success, relish your achievements and feel complete without the approval of others.

There is much pleasure to be gained from improving your home, buying new clothes and treating yourself well.

Another tarot card meaning of NIne of Pentacles is an earthly love of nature, growing and cultivating plants.

Tarot Card Meaning-NIne of Pentacles reversed

Plan carefully for whatever you hope to achieve right now. Material security is at risk, often the tarot card meaning of NIne of Pentacles reversed.

A business may be unable to expand. There is an unexpected drain on material resources-extra expenses, insufficient capital, high interest rates, cancelled orders, bad management or bad investments.

Present standards of living will be hard to maintain and some kind of temporary loss is to be expected.

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