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Tarot Card Meaning- NIne of Swords

Tarot Card Meaning- Nine of Swords

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The most basic tarot card meaning of Nine of Swords is accumulation of stress and worry. This may be the sum total of an extremely difficult time or a dark place full of fear and suffering.

You can't sleep at night caused by high anxiety, feelings of some vague danger,depression, suspicion and self-doubt. There seems nowhere to go to and nowhere to hide. Despair seems out of control and grown into a monster.

Sometimes the Nine of Swords represents real sickness,oppressive neighbors. a painful love relationship or recent bereavement.

Ocassionally though, you have a problem but you have been blowing it all out of proportion.

Only time and courage will heal the wounds.

Tarot Card Meaning-Nine of Swords reversed

The end of a bad time is often the tarot card meaning of the NIne of Swords reversed.

Light,hope,strength and faith will triumph. Worry and stress may have been blocking emotion and sensuality for some time. Release from fear will restore harmony.

The end of a bad time is often the tarot card meaning of NIne of Swords reversed.

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