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Tarot Card Meaning-Queen of Swords

Tarot Card Meaning-Queen of Swords

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Let others suffer the consequences of their actions. Be your own person and you won't get burned.

Battle of wits is another tarot card meaning of Queen of Swords. It signifies success in all creative, mental pursuits such as public speaking,writing,music and publishing.

Queen of Swords represents an intelligent,perceptive,rational,logical and very loyal woman. In extreme situation her heart is firmly ruled by her cool quick witted head. She is strong and clear headed in a crisis.

She loves a lively social life, needing the stimulation of other people's ideas and enjoying wide ranging conversation. Her friendships are rarely deep for she prefers to skim the surface and enjoys variety.

In love the Queen of Swords is idealistic and shies away from possessive or over emotional type. She is a firm believer in sexual equality. She is also graceful, her physical movements are deft, makes her an excellent dancer.

Of all the Queens, The Queen of Swords is the most likely represent an unavailable woman with whom you are having an affair.

Tarot Card Meaning-Queen of Swords reversed

When you draw the Queen of Swords reversed in a tarot card reading, heavy demands make you feel doubtful. Loyalty is admirable, but don't dwell too much in the past. You don't need anyone else's approval.

Another tarot card meaning of this card's postion is jealousy. Women are particularly unhelpful to you at this time and could be talking behind your back.

The Queen of Swords reversed frequently represents an enemy who is secretly spreading poisonous gossip about you. In this position she suggests a troublesome woman who maybe motivated by jealousy or sheer spite. She can be dangerous, for she is clever..

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