Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-Seven of Pentacles

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You hate to be broke, but don't overburdened yourself to make ends meet.

This card denotes many worries after accompanying period of very hard work.

A loan may have been taken out to finance a new business or career. You are concerned about how to pay it back. There is plenty of work but it is not paying very well. It may seem pointless.

When Seven of Pentacles appears in a tarot card reading, it seems as if you have thrown your money or talents away. Yet these worries and fears and disappointments are usually illusory and groundless.

If you are doing work which brings fulfillment, it will expand and grow.

Charity work is also another tarot card meaning of the seven of Pentacles. Satisfying and productive on non monetary levels.

Tarot Card Meaning-Seven of Pentacles reversed

Reassessment is the basic tarot card meaning of the Seven of Pentacles reversed. Hard work for very little reward, nothing tangible is being produced, all your hard work seems to be in vain.

When Seven of Pentacles reversed appear in a tarot card reading, your attitudes towards money may undergo a positive change. An increased sense of self worth and practicality will help you assert yourself in this area.

Do not exhaust yourself any further either by worrying about money or by slaving away fruitlessly.

Reassess your talents, dreams and directions and prepare to start again.

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