Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-Seven of Swords

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Making plans becomes problematic. Friends may let you down. You can't lose what's not yours to begin with.Get everything in writing.

New ideas, fresh mental input at work, general movement and change are all tarot card meaning of Seven of Swords.

It can denote someone with a variable work flow, such as self-employed people. They pour energy into something for a time and then doing nothing.Conversely it can refer to someone who cannot sustain energy or effort for long. Restless airy mind,boredom and fear of being trapped couls all be the cause.

This particular individual could still succeed but need to accept the fact that he or she requires regular mental stimulus and change.

Another tarot card meaning of Seven of Swords is theft of ideas. Be careful about sharing your ideas, you may find a pet project has been taken away from you or someone beat you to it. Unintentional betrayal or tactlessness could also affect your life in some way.

Tarot Card Meaning- Seven of Swords reversed

Superficiality is the basic tarot card meaning of the Seven of Swords reversed. There is something slick, false and insubstantial about conversations,promises or compliments denoted by this card.

When the Seven of Swords appear in a tarot card reading, you are in danger of being manipulated, given the wrong advice or talked into some scheme you may regret later.

Do not believe all you hear and read, this card's position is full of tricks and traps for the unwary.

You are finding it difficult to decide and act because you may be tormented with an overactive mind filled with negative thoughts.

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