Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-Six of Cups

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Happy memories is one of the tarot card meaning of Six of Cups.

Six of Cups is strongly link to your past. It denotes childhood memories,past lovers,old friends and colleagues. The past connects a useful purpose to your present. A former contact of yours will be in touch soon. A past lover could be coming back to your life or you could renew a former friendship to serve as a bridge to new ones.

Another tarot card meaning of the Six of Cups when you draw it in a tarot card reading is past efforts are being rewarded.

This card can be telling you that the answer to your questions lies in the past. Talents you had at school could be applied to present pursuits. If you are uncertain about what to do, try to remember what made you happy in the past. Hobbies and interests you used to enjoy could offer valuable clues for future fulfillment.

Tarot Card Meaning-Six of Cups reversed

Make good on all your promises but don't give in to unreasonable demands from others.

Be constructive in your efforts to solve problems, refrain from being pushy. Find time for deep belly laughs and friends.

Cutting the cords of the past is another tarot card meaning of this card's position, the past is holding you back in some way and blocking your progress

Nostalgia and sentimentality are clouding your vision The past you see never really existed. There is a tendency to blame all your problem on this less than perfect beginning and so little is achieved.

A fresh start is what is required plus a concerted effort to live in the present.

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