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Tarot Card Suits-Suit of Pentacles

Tarot Suit of Pentacles

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The Tarot Suit Of Pentacles is expressed by the element of earth.Th Suit of Pentacles represents the material world. Everything tangible-things we see,taste,smell and touch. The suit of pentacles denotes real money, brick and mortar,hardwork,old fashioned common sense, the ability to work away until something has been accomplished,commitment and practicality.

Pentacles is important because fiery visions of wands,exciting airy ideas of swords and inarticulate emotions of cups all need a container if they are to become tangible. Earth and the tarot suit of pentacles represent that firm structure.

In tarot spread illustrations,Pentacles is an essential suit to look for,because it stands for a more objective reality. Career plans,dream homes,financial hopes and emotional longings may all remain in the realm of the possible without a little earthly practicality to solidify them.

The tarot suit of pentacles by its very nature, support us. It denotes the foundations and limitations of life which are ultimately inescapable. Without the qualities of this suit there could be no airplanes to take us away on holidays, no houses to live in-indeed there would be no physical reality at all.

The tarot suit of pentacles stands for wisdom of old age,supportive maternal instincts and all actions which seek to preserve and consolidate. Pentacles has a sensual element and magic of its own. It represents our sense of touch, without which it would be very difficult to express love or create works of art. Pentacles bring these qualities into a reading,denoting money,work,career,property,status and worldly matters in general.

The earthly Taurus,Virgo and Capricorn are all related to the tarot suit of pentacles. The court cards of pentacles represent people who demonstrate earthly traits in themselves or who are playing this role in your life. Take note once again again that human beings are more complex and subtle to be categorized by the four tarot card suits but this will give you a quick handy idea of the basic and generic traits of people represented by the tarot card suits.

The earth signs, the suit of pentacles and their court cards stand for practical people who are often well off,work hard and require routine in their lives. They are also warm,sensual and fond of material comforts. In relationships they prefer commitment to flirtation and may lack a sense of humor or imagination when it comes to others mistakes.

Pentacle people can be supportive in useful,practical ways. They may find it difficult to sympathize with you over the phone, but will readily lend money,cook meals or organize help when you need it. They are frequently good with their hands too. Marvelous in a crisis, they are also excellent hosts and lasting friends.

On the negative side, Tarot Suit of Pentacles denote stubborness, a stick in the mud attitude and very often authoritative.

To learn to read tarot cards and to acquire your own style of tarot card interpretation you will have to be fully equipped or get a better understanding of the meaning of each tarot cards and embrace totally the basic traits of the four tarot card suits.

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