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Tarot For Beginners-Learning How To Read Tarot Cards

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Tarot For Beginners-Learning How To Read Tarot Cards

In learning how to read tarot cards part 1 we delved into first, choosing an appropriate tarot deck, second, have a complete understanding of the meaning of each tarot cards. Thirdly, preparing for tarot reading session and shuffling of the tarot cards. To continue, here's the rest of tarot card reading instructions in learning how to read tarot cards part two:

1.Choosing your tarot card spreads- tarot card reading can be made easier by choosing the right tarot layout for your purposes. It is a good idea to hold your chosen pattern in mind while shuffling the cards. Your tarot deck is a tool, id wisely used will shed some light upon problems or provide an answer to a question.

Types of Tarot Cards Spreads:

a. Horoscope- tarot card spread like this are useful to begin with for they will give you a good idea for what is, has been and will be important to your inquirer. These tarot card spreads can help you tune in to each other so that you both relax and the tarot reading has a chance to flow.

b. Past,Present and Future tarot card spread (varieties)-provide a broad time frame well for prediction.

c. Celtic cross or Horseshoe tarot card spread-these are designed to analyze a single, specific question.

d. Tree of Life tarot card spread- can be used to provide an overall look at the various areas of someone's life.

The individual positions of the tarot cards in this layout is designed to answer a question. Each position carries its own meaning and whatever card falls there must be interpreted in the context of this meaning.

2. Choosing your significator- some tarot card spreads require what is called a significator. This card represents the inquirer in the tarot reading. It can be chosen in various ways.

It is easiest to use the astrological correspondences. All you need to know is your inquirer's birth sign and then you can choose the appropriate court card. Or you can also pick out the basic personality traits and base your choice on this.

You can also choose a court card to represent the general area enquiry in question. Like for example, if the question relates to love or romantic relationships, the King or queen might be the most suitable choice. Knights can be use to represent men in their teens and early twenties, while the Queen represent women from their twenties onwards. Young girls could be represented by one of the Pages.

Don't just forget about your significator once you have chosen it. Don't simply place the signifcator on the table, try to bring this card by seeing how it relates to other cards in the tarot layout.

3. Analyzing your tarot layout. In learning how to read tarot cards you must remember there are no two tarot cards interpretation alike. Interpreting tarot cards is as unique as it can be. So it's important to analyze carefully your chosen tarot layout.

Once the tarot cards are laid out in front of you, look closely at them individually. Check if the predominant cards are Major Arcana cards. These cards highlight important events, shifts or attitudes and outlook and the concerns are much much deeper than the Minor Arcana Cards.

Major Arcana cards indicates that the inquirer has reached a meaningful time in life (marriage,children,changing careers). Such times are to be memorable and great care must be taken when interpreting the tarot cards for the inquirer. If there are a lot of Minor cards in your tarot layout it means concentrate more on everyday concerns.

It can show you whether the tarot reading is subjective or objective or refers to an inner or outer event. Minor arcana cards are important as well but tend to be less influential in the long term. Very often the Minor Arcana cards will serve to amplify one of the tarot meanings attached to the complex Major Arcana cards.

If you are looking at a tarot card spread with in built timing such as the Romany or Twelve Month or Calendar tarot card spreads you can see quickly where the most challenging or meaningful moments occur by looking for the Major Arcana cards.

So there you have it, very simple tarot card reading instructions in learning how to read tarot cards. Interpreting tarot cards is as unique as anyone's thumbprints. The very essence in learning how to read tarot cards is the way how you conduct your very own brand of tarot cards interpretation.

Let your logical mind take a back seat and let your intuition take over. It's not only as important to have a comprehensive understanding of the meaning of each tarot card and a basic knowledge of different tarot card spreads or tarot spread illustrations but developing your intuition as well, to give your own tarot cards interpretation an ooomph. That's the overall gist of tarot for beginners-learning how to read tarot cards.

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