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Tarot Numerology-What The Numbers Tell you

Tarot Numerology-What The Numbers Tell you

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Tarot Numerology-Aces-One

Aces (wands,cups,swords,pentacles) signify the beginning of an impulse,chain of events or expression of a type of energy. They are dynamic cards, heralding initiative or initiation when in a positive,upright position.

In Tarot numerology one is a masculine number which relates to the conscious mind. It symbolizes confidence,independence and the ability to initiate schemes and get things done. The aces represent different aspects of the Magician- his go ahead qualities.

Tarot Numerology- Two

In tarot numerology, two is a feminine number which symbolizes the need and the urge to nurture, receive and synthesize opposites-blending them into a perfect whole. The number two represents balances and harmony. It may be visualized as masculine and feminine; light and dark, yin and yang and are polar opposites.

The twos correspond to the High Priestess in the Major Arcana and her receptive qualities. The underlying theme is one of union.

Tarot Numerology- Three

In tarot numerology three is the number of growth and success. It is creative number which combine, the impetus of one, the receptivity and balancing qualities of two and their successful, productive fusion.

The number corresponds to the Empress in the Major Arcana and these cards carry a familiar fertile vibration.

Tarot Numerology- Four

In tarot numerology, the number four is earthy and stable. It corresponds to the positive qualities of structure,authority,logic and endurance.

Linked with the Emperor of the Major Arcana, the four represent the idea of foundation and form. Yet this structure can also signify restriction. Without structure,visions and ideas would never materialize. Many people find structure and the self-discipline which accompanies it, very hard to handle. So depending upon personality, the four may be seen as strong and constructive or dull or limiting.

Tarot Numerology-Five

The number five corresponds with the Hierophant in the Major Arcana. This card represents convention. IN tarot numerology, five represents the need to be free of the restriction symbolized by four. The fives in tarot numerology may bring welcome changes which one struggles to institute or seem to represent destructive forces which drive away valued relationships or situations.

Five of wands, Pentacles, Cups and Swords represent difficult situations,pain and struggles of various kinds. Yet these battles must be fought, sorrow and hard times must be endured. But once these things have been overcome positive changes can be welcomed.

Tarot Numerology-Six

The number six is linked to the Lovers in the Major Arcana, a card of love and harmony which is also a card of choice or two paths.

The number six in tarot numerology herald success,contentment and harmony but hint at underlying tensions,sacrifice and effort. There are riches and blessings to be had, but they are temporary.

Tarot Numerology-Seven

In tarot numerology seven can hint at unconscious or repressed talents. It is also a number which has been linked with progress and changes.

Seven is linked with the Chariot in the Major Arcana. Success, honours,victory and rewards for hard work are common meanings attributed to this card.

Yet there is something illusory or temporary about all sevens(wands,cups,pentacles,swords). This message is also found in the Chariot: Beware of excessive pride especially during the moment of victory. Time passes, there's a cycle and we cannot hang on to our triumph forever.

Seven in tarot numerology is an unstable,mutable and feminine number. It often refers to inner journey, thinking and meditations.

Tarot Numerology-Eight

Eight is linked with both Strength and Justice in the Major Arcana. This number relates to both good judgment and strength in tarot numerology. The number eight brings welcome clarity after the confusion inherent in the sevens.

In tarot numerology eight is a number of destiny and karma-what you have sown you reap. The number eight represent two extremes of power: growth and restriction,gain and sacrifice.

The eight in tarot numerology refers to structures and foundations. It also incorporates the ideas of change and balance and the concept of balancing both material and spiritual worlds. In tarot numerology eight is a masculine number,strong,energetic denoting progress rather than change for the sake of change.

Tarot Numerology-Nine

Nine is linked with the Hermit in the Major Arcana. It is a card of purification and reassessment. These are required if life is to move forward in a positive way. In tarot numerology,Nine represents the end of cycle. Nine is a feminine number,signifying love,prosperity and the ability to attract what one needs. Although much has been achieved, there is still more to learn, or to be faced.

Nine, in tarot numerology is associated with striving for perfection on every level.

Tarot Numerology-Ten

Ten corresponds to the Wheel of Fortune in the Major Arcana. This card suggest that things are shifting and changing in your life. This card is part of a larger pattern-fate,destiny and karma. In tarot numerology ten signifies groups of people,ideas and events.

Ten, in tarot numerology is usually reduced to one-representing the start of a cycle which finishes with the number nine. The Tens of the tarot are numbers in their own right, standing for transformation and the consolidation of matters before a new chapter can begin.

Joyful emotions overflow in the tens of cups;negative ways of thinking are transformed by the tens of swords,earthy financial and family matters are the essence of Ten of Pentacles while the fiery lure of power and success is represented by the ten of wands.

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