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Tarot Card Spreads-Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Tarot Card Spreads-Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

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The Celtic Cross tarot card spread is one of the popular tarot card spreads and is known to be ancient. It is the best reliable method to use when you want to answer a specific question.

Laying out the Celtic Cross tarot card spread.

After selecting the significator from the court cards the shuffled and cut cards are placed in the sequence and positions shown in the diagram.

Card 1. This covers him/her

This card often tells the gist of the question and reveals the type of environment surrounding it. It is a card of present and may indicate the querent's state of present and may indicate the querent's state of mind and whether there are positive or negative influences at work at the moment.

Card 2. This crosses him/her

This card reveals opposition,obstacles and blocks surrounding the querent. Sometimes, this card will be positive and thus harder to read as an obstacle. A positive cross indicates that there is little opposition.

Card 3. This crowns him/her

This card relates to conscious plans and intentions and often indicates developments in the near future albeit not the final result to the question.

Card 4. This is beneath him/her

This card is the description of the past atmosphere that have led to the present situation. It can denote the querent's state of mind or actual events and activities which are still affecting matters today. Sometimes the querent is clueless of these things and may be flabbergasted or confused by this card.

Card 5. This is behind him/her

This position clearly denotes the past and at other times the querent may still believe they are influencing his/her situation, but the factors which are now passing away are shown by this card.

Card 6. This is before him/her

New people, fresh influences and future events are indicated by this card. It is helpful to read it in combination with card 3, so that you can see whether the inquirer's plan are going to be supported or hindered by future circumstances.

Card 7. Yourself

This card indicates the querent's present state of mind,position or feelings about the matter in hand. Mental attitude,self confidence,clarity of aim and awareness make for a good deal. If you are negative or have a sad frame of mind, you may find it hard to make the most of best opportunities.

Card 8. The House

This card suggests the actions and attitudes of other people will be in relation to the question. Any helpful or unhelpful influences around the inquirer should be revealed here. This card can also show how others see the inquirer which can be very different from how the querent sees himself or herself.

Card 9. Hopes and fears

This card reveals the querent's hopes,fears and expectations regarding the question. Have a look at card 3 to see how closely these deeper feelings relate to more obvious planned intentions.

Card 10. What will come

This card should give you the most final outcome. The result of the question and denotes whether it will be a positive or negative influence.

The Celtic cross tarot card spread was recommended for answering questions by Arthur Edward Waite who was part of the short lived but influential magic order of the Golden Dawn. Stay tuned for more varieties of Tarot card spreads.

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