Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tarot Reading: Six Things You Need To Know About Court Cards

The Tarot has its own system of personalities represented by the court cards. However, the court cards don't just mean people. There's more to it than that.

The court cards (Kings, Queens, Knights, Pages of all suits) are perhaps the most difficult cards to interpret compared to the rest of the cards of the tarot deck. It's because it has multi-levels of tarot meanings and purposes to them. And they are:

1. The court cards have similarities and corresponding link with the Major Arcana cards. For example, both the Queen of Swords and Justice show a woman holding a sword and correspond to the astrological sign Libra and have the same traditional tarot meaning. If you are a little hazy on the meaning of a court card you can mentally replace it with a corresponding Arcanum and explore the possibilities. That's the purpose of this method.

2. A court card in a reading is showing you how a certain lifestyle is influencing your situation whether its beneficial or harmful.

3. A court card in a reading shows an aspect of you that you value and want to show to the world or an aspect that you are ashamed and want to keep it hidden.

4. A court card can indicate an overall environment or ambiance. Let's say , you want to join an aerobics class and you draw the Queen of Wands. This card could be telling you that the atmosphere will be cheerful,upbeat and lively. Perfect, just exactly what you need to sweat it out. Moreover, you may meet someone in the class who is similar to the queen of wands or you may be like her yourself in this situation.

5. Personality traits are not limited to certain gender and age groups. That is too limiting way of looking at court cards. Do not identify a man as King of Wands just because he is a pilot and travels a lot. Inside he may be a knight of cups. A thirteen year old boy could be a queen and an old man to be a page. The king of swords approach may be commonly masculine but his style could also be available to women. What's important is, how they think, feel act,react or refuse to act.

6. A court card in a reading could represent activities, institutions,professions and organizations. For example, King of wands may signify property settlement, formal financial agreement, business wheeling and dealing, philanthropic organizations trusts and charities.

The court cards have a human dimension to it. But to know if a certain court card hints on another person, the querent or yourself, an approach, an attitude, activities or organizations, depend on how you view the situation, question and the overall influence of other cards in a tarot spread.

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