Friday, May 7, 2010

Yes, It Pays To Have A Ritual Before Reading Tarot And Here's Why

Every tarot reader has a ritual before every tarot reading session. The rituals can be composed of a string of activities or even doing nothing at all.

Have you ever experienced it when reading tarot you just feel your interpretations just flows? Feeling like you are in the groove and you just roll? And your client is responsive to your readings full of smiles and nods? Well in my years of reading tarot professionally i have concluded that if i am well prepared for a reading,

i am more often than not get this kind of good results. That's where rituals come into view. Before an appointment tarot reading which involves large crowds and all eyes are fix on you, its hard not to be anxious and nervous. If you come well-prepared you know you are just ready to do the job.
And what are my own personal rituals before a tarot reading? Well the usual environmental cues every tarot reader thinks of like burning incense, crystals and gemstones, covering the table with a special cloth in which your tarot cards are laid, new age music in the background and scented candles.

You can also bring these stuffs if you are on the road doing live tarot reading tours. These environmental cues will automatically trigger an intuitive and receptive frame of mind which is necessary for your interpretation to go smoothly.

My personal favorite ritual is to slow down, relax not tire myself doing chores that day and meditate to center myself, take a few deep breaths and visualize scenes in which I'm doing perfect tarot readings.

I kept doing these rituals over and over again before every tarot reading session. Rituals have become a part of my life naturally. If you want you can appeal to your higher self, deep mind or pray to God to help you with his/her questions.

The utmost importance of rituals before reading tarot is to allow our intuitive mind to flow and reign over our logical side. Let our intuitive mind to take control and trust it. For intuition can help us see the truth. The boss is the tarot reader, not the tarot cards. The power lies within the person but to jump-start the power , you need intuition, to trigger intuition you need rituals.

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