Thursday, August 5, 2010

Four Defenses Against the Tarot Reading Skeptics

As a tarot reader, i encountered many cynics and skeptics to what we do. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are either vocal about it or not. It comes with the job, i understand. To the un-initiated, we tarot readers reply.

1. We are not scammers or con-artists. We don't use manipulative mental tricks and deceptive communication techniques to our clients. We invested effort, time, money to study,be certified and improve our tarot reading skills legitimately.

2. We don't reduce our clients to a helpless,compliant and gullible victim. We don't exploit human weaknesses or take advantage just to gain something from them. We, tarot readers serve the best interests of our clients, doing our professional tarot reading services without intending to cause harm. We strictly adhere to our formally stated code of ethics. We help clients by offering perspectives. Help them sooth their anxieties and problems by letting them understand that they have the power within themselves to achieve their goals.

3. We are not like cult leaders, who believe we have some extra-ordinary powers that we can actually do what we think we can do. Leaders of a cult anyway, have negative associations to them.

4.We,tarot readers, don't apply cold and warm readings to our clients. We come to know our clients, interact with them and most especially emphatize with them which in return add value to their tarot reading experience.

However, skeptics don't have a totally negative side to them. In fact, we are grateful for them. They are like bloodhounds who will smell and track every fraudulent clairvoyants,fake mediums,pseudo-psychics etc. Those who extort big money by any means possible. Maybe there are a few lost souls who deviates from what is considered ethical but majority of tarot readers do an honest living.

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