Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three Great Exercises to Spice Up Your Tarot Reading Learning Program

When you first learn to read tarot, there will come a time that you will get bored practicing tarot readings for yourself. It is good to have friends that you can do readings with as a practice because they know you are still learning.

You would get so much ahead of yourself if you do readings for the public when you know you are still not ready yet. You might give advice that would be mistakenly heeded and could do harm to the clients themselves as a result. Try to have a great deal of experience first before you read for others.

Here are three suggestions to exercise your intuitive muscles and to keep you from getting bored learning to read tarot cards.

1. You could do a reading about anything from your past. For example, do a reading to see how you did on your last business venture. The fact is, you already know what happened, the outcome. The purpose of this exercise is two-pronged. First, if you want to know any mysteries about your past you want to resolved and to test your tarot card meanings.

If your business got bankrupt, you would expect appropriate cards to turn up in your reading. I would expect cards like wheel of fortune reversed, three of wands reversed,two of wands reversed representing lost opportunities,bad luck and business partnership problems. I would not expect three of pentacles and four of wands to show up in such a reading.

2.You can pick up the current bestsellers or put n the latest box office hit and do a reading for the protagonist, the main character. Know what makes this person tick or what kind of obstacles the antagonist has in store for him and how will he survive it. You will just have to finish watching the movies and finish reading the novel to check the accuracy of your tarot reading.

3..If you are a bit of a history buff, you could do readings for Benjamin Franklin, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Franklin Roosevelt and others who wanted to know how they should approach such situations like the bombing of Nagasaki, the Watergate Scandal and the cracking of the genetic code. You can do readings on how John F. Kennedy saved America, if not the world from another global war.

If there are cards that would show up unexpected in a reading that doesn't mean it is wrong. It signals, the reader to explore the symbolical and numerological meanings of these cards or find other resources (books or online forums) to figure out a better meaning that suits the reading.

When there is a conflict between with what really took place and the reader's card meanings, the reader does not change the historical facts just to fit the card meanings. In the beginning stages of learning the tarot,tarot meanings are altered to suit the things that actually happened.

In order to have a better understanding of the meaning of the tarot cards, it is necessary to do tarot reading activities on a regular basis to keeping your psychic engines always tuned-up. Once you have verified most of your tarot meanings you can them step up to reading for the general public.

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