Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do You Make These Mistakes When You Read Tarot For Querents?

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When we started to learn tarot reading we are like a diamond in the rough. Through constant practice and study we become a 24 carat diamond that is polished and honed through out the years.

The first step to learning is to never be afraid to commit mistakes for in making mistakes we learn from them. So here are common mistakes that tarot readers commit and dutifully will want to correct.

1. Not adhering to your own developed code of ethics. Anytime you are tempted to step out of the boundary of your ethical code you are inviting trouble. Do not give legal,medical and financial advice. Not rendering tarot reading services to underage people.

2. Not able to get the mechanism of the appointment with your clients first. Like you should establish agreements on fees,location and how much time allocated for each querents (if it's a reading party of twenty people for example.

3. When the querent asked you a question,make no mistake of rephrasing the question right away. The client will feel disrespected and will start to be unreceptive if you will rephrase his original question. It will make them feel that they are not being listened to. What makes it worse is if your rephrasing their question in an unskillfully worded one.. If you want to rephrase the client's question because it makes you uncomfortable answering it, there are techniques of doing it right without actually rephrasing.

4.Anytime you catch yourself projecting your own biases and moral issues into the tarot reading can be break through for you. When giving guidance thru tarot readiing it is hard to be absolutely impartial. You should be in the same frame of reference with your querent to really understand and connect with her/him and help solved their problems. Our own style of tarot reading will be deeply influenced by our perceptions and mindsets. Let us be aware that sometimes our own mind and set of beliefs will hold us back.

5. Parroting/regurgitating memorized traditional card meaning. Let's face it when we started we are guilty of it one way or another. But you know deep inside yourself that it feels so mechanical,awkward and unnatural. It does not flow and clients can feel that. As you continually practice,study and develop your own tarot reading system, you will arrive at your own individual tarot meaning. It will eventually be attuned to your subconscious mind and your tarot reading will feel intuitive and natural.

6. Being pushy,insensitive to the mood and body language of the querent and also being judgmental and dictating decisions for them will create resistance. It makes them not want to listen to you. When you draw a negative card, frame your interpretation in a positive manner after all, there is so much lessons to be learn in mistakes,delays,blockages and problems. There is always an affirmative outcome of a bad situation.

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