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Tarot Card Spreads: The Horoscope Tarot Card Spread

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The Horoscope tarot card spread is an astrology inspired tarot card spread which requires a deliberately chosen significator which is placed in the center of the circle.

Each tarot card is placed in a position which corresponds to one of the twelve houses of the horoscope. Each house and therefore each card position relates to a designated area of life-so the card which falls there should be read in this context.

As you become more familiar with the cards you can add to this circle by placing a second and third card in each position to amplify the information.

Card 1: The First House-The self
This should be read in conjunction with the chosen significator. This card describes the querent's present state of mind. This card reveals how she or he is coping and dealing with challenges and problems.

Card 2: The Second House-Resources and Money
This position denotes fianancial,practical or anyhting tangible goods and our attitudes towards these things. Wand or Pentacles indicate that you are looking at real practical matters while swords and Cups will reflect inner beliefs and concerns.

Card 3: Third House-Communications
This position relates to short journeys,weekends away or forms of communication such as letters,emails,phone calls and visits. Movement and energy are connected with this postion particularly the flow of ideas and information in someone's life. This card also indicates news about outer events,people or projects coming into focus.

Card 4: The Fourth House-Home
This card refers to family life,thoughts and feelings about parents and siblings. The emotions are strongly stressed here. It describes someone's life at home and feelings about its quality.

Card 5: The Fifth House-Pleasure, Romance,Creativity
Take note the card 7 (career) and card 7 (partnerships)how these cards relate to card 5. So that you won't be mistakenly predicitng a romantic love affair for a happily married actor who is about to embark upon his  or her great work. Check which area seems to be more important? Are there resonant and dissonant cards? Major or minor cards?

Card 6: The Sixth House-Health and Work
This card denotes not only the physical health but also the the mental,emotional or even spiritual or psychic health. This card also refers to day to day matters and immediate concerns.

Card 7: The Seventh House-Partnerships
This card denotes all formal relationships,joint ventures,marriages. It also represents the actual partner and your feelings and attitudes towards that person.
Cards 1,4 and 10 should help you decide whether this is of emotional or business oriented one.

Card 8: The Eight House-Sex, death and Money
This card covers the three of the most taboo subjects in our society-death,sex and money. It also indicates major changes and inheritance.

Card 9: The Ninth house- Far Horizons
This card indicates long journey,philosophy of life,education and future hopes. real,physical travel also entails changes in cricumstances and mental outlook too, meaning this card also deals with mental and spiritual travelling in conjunction with the actual hop on an airplane.

Card 10: The Tenth House- Career
This card suggest how very important a career is to your inquirer. This position also indicates ambition, the ability to work hard towards a goal and the type of organizations and talents invovled. Just remember not to equate career with earning a living.

Card 11: The Eleventh House-Friends
This card represents friends,colleagues,communities and all groups gathered together for a certain purpose. This card simply suggests the kind of social life someone is enjoying.

Card 12: The Twelfth House-What is Hidden
careful sensitivity is what is needed to interpret this card's position for ti reveals one's hidden fears,unconscious wishes,limitations and blocks. This card represents something that is hard to talk about,secret or repressed.

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