Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tarot Card Spreads-Tree of Life Tarot Spread

Tarot Card Spreads-Tree of Life Tarot Spread

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The tree of life tarot card spread contains ten cards each relating to a sphere of life. This is designed to give you an overall view of someone's current situations and concerns.

Interpreting the positions:

Card 1: Represents the inquirer's spiritual world,his or her attitude towards it and general inner state of being at the time of reading.

Card 2: Denotes energy,drive and spheres of responsibility.

Card 3: Relates to understanding, and represents limiting or containing factors operating in the inquirer's life.

Card 4: Represents financial matters and practical activities.

Card 5: Denotes strife,challenges and indicayes what kind of opposition must be overcome by the inquirer.

Card 6: Refers to the inquirer's achievements,success and outer image.

Card 7: Represents the inquirer's lovelife, emotional attachments and feelings about this side of life in general.

Card 8: Denotes worldly matter concerning the inquirer:business and career, cultural and artistic endeavour and indicates how these are appraoched.

Card 9: Represents the unconscious mind and all its secrets and hidden depths. It can also refer to health matters, especially when thhis concern overall well-being.

Card 10: Indicates the inquirer's roots and denotes home, family and close relationships.

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