Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tarot Meaning- The Heirophant

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Follow the path that is familiar. Now is the good time to show how conventional you can be. You public image and status with friends or in the community are of great concern to you now.

You can be overly concern about what other people think of you. Maintaining the status quo and "keepin up with the joneses" is of major concern when you draw the Heirophant.

Marriage is also another tarot meaning of the Heirophant.

Tarot Meaning The Heirophant reversed

Rules and regulations make you feel claustrophobic. You rebel against the establishment and break rules. You reject parental values.

If you are seeking advice from a lawyer, doctor or accountant or some other conventional source you would be wise to take a second opinion.

You are in danger of judging a book by its cover and being overly impressed by titles or letters (Ph,D or MD.) after someone's name.

Do not rush into new agreements. If you are buying expensive things for the house they will prove to be disappointing.

Don't become to attached to order and routine. The ritual shouldn't mean more to you than the result.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Tarot Meaning-The Emperor

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When you draw The Emperor you may be on the verge of promotion. You are ambitious and can plan for success.

You could be dealing with authority in form of large companies,governments and bosses.

The tarot meaning of the Emperor is play by the rules and don't take shortcuts. Use common sense when managing your resources. Now is the time to get organized and make plans. Careful use of logic and reason will deliver success.

If your question concerned a relationship, the you may be involved with someone who finds it difficult to express emotions. This type of person does not want to let down defenses. He or she likes to be in control at all times and tends to dominate a partner.

If Your question concern a woman, she may be financially successful but have little time to relax and be receptive.

Tarot Meaning- The Emperor reversed
Despite your obvious talents, success comes slowly at this time. Respect the past and learn from it. Frustrations,obstacles,delays and setbacks will test your perseverance.

Balance with work and play

You hate authority and apparently more people seem to be in control of your destiny. You have to realize that by learning to deal with rules,regulations,routines and structures ironically you will free yourself.

In relationships,business or friendship The Emperor reversed can manifest as a cold calculating individual who may be using you to achieve his or her own ends.

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Tarot Meaning- The Fool

The previous post here on Tarot meaning blog wasThe Empress

The Fool suggests the optimistic child in all of us. It means independence,eccentricity, sudden flashes of intuition, freedom and inventiveness. When you get this card, you are not afraid of adventure and insecurity.

The tarot meaning of The Fool advises you to let go, take a risk, don't worry about what people think. Kill others with kindness and let them suffer the consequences of their actions.

The Fool is also someone unconventional could come into your life. This person could show you surprising solutions to your problems. It can also refer to someone with sexual ambivalence, bisexuality or homosexuality.

Tarot Meaning- The Fool reversed

Schedules are full, time is at a premium. Postpone business decisions temporarily. Use discretion and patience. Look before you leap. This is not the time to take a risk, change your job or trust anyone you don't know very well.

If you are thinking of starting a romantic relationship take it slowly, your potential partner may be wishy washy, giving you mixed signals. Wait a while before committing yourself.

The next post will be the tarot meaning of The Emperor.

Tarot Meaning-The Empress

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News of wedding,pregnancy or birth of a child arrives. You are brimming over with creativity. Your passions are of primary importance to you now. Financially and materially you will be well provided for and you basic needs will be comfortably met.

The tarot meaning of The Empress means abundance when signifying a person, Empress stands for warm, loving and sensual woman.

You are fertile and highly receptive.

The Empress indicates harmonious sexual relationships.

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Tarot Meaning-The Empress reversed

The previous post here on Tarot Meaning blog wasThe Empress reversed

Problems with your mother and other intimate women are imminent. Your creativity is blocked. You may experience frigidity,impotence or other sexual difficulties.

Meaningless promiscuity or sex without love is also another tarot meaning of The Empress reversed.

An unwanted child may be conceived at this time.

Even if you have enough money you may feel impoverished.

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Tarot Meaning- The High Priestess reversed

The previous post here on Tarot meaning blog was The High Priestess

The High priestess reversed indicates that you have ignored or repressed your intuitive feelings. There is a lot going on beneath the surface when the High Priestess appears upside down. Stand back and take the time to look carefully at your problem.

You are expecting things to come too easily. Be careful not to give up right away when things don't.

The next post is the tarot meaning of The Empress.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tarot Meaning- The High Priestess

The tarot meaning of the High Priestess is that she represents the sixth sense heightened perception and a fascination with the unknown.
The High Priestess is telling you to rely on your gut feelings
rather than logical answers. Pay attention to your dreams. Listen to your inner voice. Be patient and wait for the right time.
Another tarot meaning of the High Priestess is that she can also represent a woman of your ideals but can't have a real relationship with because she is happy with someone else.
Trust your intuition more than your reason. Act more on feelings than on facts.
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Tarot Meaning- Magician

The tarot meaning of Magician is that it's an excellent time to begin new projects. It is the time to stretch yourself and test your limits. Be adventurous, daring and competitive.
You may be called upon to organize a group or a department in an office. You may find yourself in a teaching role that you can successfully bring together a number of different people or skills.
If you draw this card, when you are interested in starting a relationship with someone, do not be afraid to make the first move.
Tarot Meaning- The Magician reversed
Pay attention to rules and think twice before acting. Beware of arrogance. Make friends not enemies. You may feel lacking in inspiration or energy. You are unable to make a choice. That's the tarot meaing of the Magician reversed.