Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tarot Meaning- The Heirophant

The previous post here on Tarot Meaning blog was The Emperor

Follow the path that is familiar. Now is the good time to show how conventional you can be. You public image and status with friends or in the community are of great concern to you now.

You can be overly concern about what other people think of you. Maintaining the status quo and "keepin up with the joneses" is of major concern when you draw the Heirophant.

Marriage is also another tarot meaning of the Heirophant.

Tarot Meaning The Heirophant reversed

Rules and regulations make you feel claustrophobic. You rebel against the establishment and break rules. You reject parental values.

If you are seeking advice from a lawyer, doctor or accountant or some other conventional source you would be wise to take a second opinion.

You are in danger of judging a book by its cover and being overly impressed by titles or letters (Ph,D or MD.) after someone's name.

Do not rush into new agreements. If you are buying expensive things for the house they will prove to be disappointing.

Don't become to attached to order and routine. The ritual shouldn't mean more to you than the result.

The next post will be the tarot meaning of the Chariot, stay tuned

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