Friday, February 6, 2009

Tarot Meaning-The Emperor

The previous post here on Tarot meaning blog was The Fool

When you draw The Emperor you may be on the verge of promotion. You are ambitious and can plan for success.

You could be dealing with authority in form of large companies,governments and bosses.

The tarot meaning of the Emperor is play by the rules and don't take shortcuts. Use common sense when managing your resources. Now is the time to get organized and make plans. Careful use of logic and reason will deliver success.

If your question concerned a relationship, the you may be involved with someone who finds it difficult to express emotions. This type of person does not want to let down defenses. He or she likes to be in control at all times and tends to dominate a partner.

If Your question concern a woman, she may be financially successful but have little time to relax and be receptive.

Tarot Meaning- The Emperor reversed
Despite your obvious talents, success comes slowly at this time. Respect the past and learn from it. Frustrations,obstacles,delays and setbacks will test your perseverance.

Balance with work and play

You hate authority and apparently more people seem to be in control of your destiny. You have to realize that by learning to deal with rules,regulations,routines and structures ironically you will free yourself.

In relationships,business or friendship The Emperor reversed can manifest as a cold calculating individual who may be using you to achieve his or her own ends.

The next post will be the tarot meaning of The Hierophant.

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