Thursday, August 5, 2010

Supercharge Your Intuition and Dramatically Increase Your Tarot Reading Confidence

If you have been reading tarot for awhile you noticed that sometimes you doubt your tarot card interpretation. You ask yourself is this the right interpretation? Sometimes you struggled with the meaning of a particular card. It does not seem to speak to you or the traditional tarot meaning of a specific card does not apply to the querent's question or situation. Relax, this is not an isolated case.

Even the most experienced tarot reader sometimes doubt their own interpretation one way or another. Just like beginners in tarot they also don't want to be second guessing themselves.

This is where intuition comes in and plays a vital role in gaining confidence when it comes to your interpretation. Intuition in other terms is called a hunch, gut feeling, instinct or insight. Intuition is available to us through symbols,bodily sensations,emotions, recurring thoughts,humor,stress and nagging questions. Through intuition we gain truth without any logical explanation.

We perceive patterns and seem to be connecting dots, almost always without any underlying reasons, we strongly act upon it. There are several ways in which we can access intuition in a tarot reading:

1. When siting across the querent in a reading you will get subtle cues from the querent himself like, words uttered by them can ring true particularly when it echoes the meaning of the cards, thus it resonates with you, the tarot reader. You can ask the querent to look at the card and imagine themselves in the scene. What is his impressions? How does he feel? What the querent tells you will give information about the intended representation in their reading.

2. When you look at the tarot spread as a whole. symbols in several cards seem to magnify at the moment and would reveal a progression or repeating theme. Why is it on one area, it's more red than orange? Why are there flowers, vegetation and choppy waters? Then you put these things together to come up with an interpretation of their combined or blended meanings. It is in the combining or blending that intuition often make their way in.

3. Trust that the universe will give you the right card and the right interpretation for the querent's particular question. If you accidentally draw an extra card in a tarot spread or a card fell off the table, include it in a reading. Randomness, coincidence or synchronicity should be taken seriously. You have to believe it because that happened for a reason.

4. If at this time you still wonder if there is a correct interpretation other than yours. I suggest you ask your mentor or a teacher whom you trust to bounce off ideas. If not, join an online discussion group. Indicate the card in question and soon you will be offered various meanings and interpretation by other tarot forum members. You will receive a lot of feed backs and a whole new range of interpretations to start working with.

5. Another way to stop second-guessing yourself when it comes to your tarot reading, is to take a moment to close your eyes,breath and center yourself just prior to laying out the tarot cards. You must ask yourself, how do i feel not how should the querent feel? Bank on the emotions you know you would feel, not what you believe the others would feel. If you put yourself in your querent's situation and imagine how would they feel, then what you are doing is merely guessing.

The tarot is a personal tool and it is only self-explanatory that your interpretation should be personal as well. By accepting our limitations, we will begin to understand that it is part of our growth as a tarot reader. As we evolve we learn how to use our conscious and subconscious mind to interpret the tarot cards that will provide us with what we feel is the correct answer.

Through constant practice and drinking from the fountain of our mentor's experiences and team effort of our tarot reading group, having trust in the universe,Higher Power or Supreme Being and lastly, the nurturing qualities of intuitive reflection will dramatically rev up your confidence in your tarot readings.

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