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Tarot Card Spreads-How To Analyze Your Tarot Card Spread

Tarot Card Spreads-How To Analyze Your Tarot Card Spread

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When you first look at your chosen tarot card spreads it is likely that one suit will predominate. This immediately gives you a rough idea of what the reading is about. This is called Primary Majority. This suit is often accompanied by a noticeable number of tarot cards from another suit, although there are less of them-this is called Secondary Majority.

Both Secondary and Primary majority can aid you to see whether the reading mainly refers to subjective inner thoughts (Swords) and feelings (Cups) or is it focusing upon objective,tangible events (Wands and Pentacles).

Each suit is also strenghten,weaken or remains neutral in the presence of other suits. This is known as resonance and dissonance and basically transcends the individual tarot meanings of the cards. For instance, Swords weaken Pentacles but strengthen Cups and Wands.

So if you see The Ace of Swords surrounded by Pentacles, it's overall influence and strength would be weakened and less emphasis placed upon it as part of your tarot card interpretation.

But if you see it surrounded by Wands or Cups these would serve to highlight its tarot meaning. This may seem much of an information overload at first, but it can improve the accuracy of your tarot card interpretation.

If the inquirer has a specific problem it requires a specific tarot card spread. There is also a question of timing. This is quite frankly difficult to get it right for in many ways Tarot affords glance into a timeless zone.

Some people seem to hop through lives filled with constant drama and change while others spend year after year wondering when something interesting will happen. These extremes may also be found in a short period such are packed with events and meetings.

Most people know that whatever the calendar may say, time can fly by or drag its heels as if obeying its own rules. In many tarot readings time appears to be an elastic substance.

Tarot card spreads such as the twelve month or calendar spread can isolate the months accurately and give you an overall view of the year ahead. As you will know. some months will be fairly dull or uneventful while others may indicate changes and developments.

As you progress learning to read the tarot cards you may want to develop or design your own tarot card spreads.

There are also many different spreads in tarot or tarot spread illustrations. Do a little sketch of each tarot card spread you layout and write down whatcards appear, their position( upright or reversed) and where they face in the spread.

Note down the meanings of each card. Sometimes an obvious theme will emerge at other times the tarot card spread may seem obscure. You can even experiment with broader issues and do spreads about political or business matters in the news.

Among many tarot methods in analyzing your tarot layout, storytelling is one good way to develop your intuition and makes interpreting tarot cards a breeze. By telling a story you learn how to weave the separate images into coherent whole.

Layout your tarot cards in your chosen tarot card spread, look at the pattern and pick out the characters who are going to enact this little soap opera. There will be court cards(King,Queen,Knight,Page) plus people of the Major Arcana cards like the Empress, Emperor, Fool,High Priestess etc.

Start at the beginning of your tarot card spread, describe the character who first appears and the kind of situation he or she is in. Moving along the cards look at the other characters involved and try to imagine the part they are playing. You can ask yourself questions by looking at the pattern like:

What is the overall mood of the story?

What is affecting the characters and their behaviours?

Is it a love story full of Cups?

Or an action story with plenty of Wands?

You can choose as a significator for your story like say for example, The Queen of Cups and placed her in the centre of your practice tarot card spread: your story will be about a sensitive,emotional very feminine woman.

Try and picture her age and appearance, imagine her clothes and so on. Now look at the cards which you have placed in:

Position 1. Indicates what news may be expected whether or not our character is going to be travelling anywhere.

Position 2. Tells you whether the Queen of Cups is being over emotional and becomes demanding.

Position3. This tells you more about the woman's deeply hidden motives,desires,hopes and fears and will probably reveal any current problems too.

Storytelling is an exercise which is designed to encourage imagination and intuition essential abilities if you want to uniquely analyze your tarot card spreads.

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