Friday, May 7, 2010

Tarot Reading System Reduced To Easy Simple Formulas That Anyone Can Follow

Here are simple easy to follow formulas to address issues that may arise during a tarot reading session.

This is a quick handy guide for tarot readers to handle different kinds of client's questions that may occur during a tarot reading.

1.When a client doesn't have any specific question and just want a general type of inquiry like " what does my future hold"? Prepare one or two general tarot card spreads. Describe one by one the individual cards and interpret them. Trust that the client will be able to discern how your description and interpretation relates to their situation. Master a general, all-purpose tarot spread especially if you are doing live readings.

2. If a client asks several complex questions, try to generalize all the questions if they are related and then do the reading. If the questions are specific and unrelated, do a specific tarot card spread for each of the question or you just simply draw one card for each specific question, no need for a tarot card spread. Simply trust your guides to give you the cards, to be able to answer the client's questions.

3.If the questions asked are contingent with the rest like, " will i get the job i applied for last week, if yes am i going to like it there?" The answer to the latter question is dependent upon the first one, if he/she will get the job. So until the first question asked will actually take place, tell the client to come back and do a second reading.

4.If a client will ask a question that is totally out of boundaries of your formally constructed code of ethics or you simply feel uncomfortable answering it, tell the client honestly about your concerns regarding his question and ask him/her to rephrase their own question. It is respectful to clients that way because it is still the client's own re-worded questions.

5.If the client can't help but ask many questions and he/she can't decide which one to focus on, simply draw one card and let the tarot decide which question is the most important one to concentrate on.

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