Monday, May 17, 2010

What Is The Right Approach to Learn Tarot Reading

In tarot reading it is important what to learn and what not to learn.

Do you remember when you had your first tennis lessons? You were taught to do the basic strokes like backhand,forehand,volley,how to serve, how to properly hold a racket and you have to be in a proper position before doing the shot and don't you forget the follow through. All these avalanche of information to remember and execute at the same time, initially overwhelms the student. As you practice though you will incrementally improve and pretty soon you will just breeze thru numerous sets of tennis games.
Well, the tennis analogy is also applicable to learning to read the tarot. It's hard at first, but eventually you will get better and better as you practice. There are different approaches in which to learn to tarot.

1. This method needs you to compile a list of tarot meanings from as many different resources as you can. There are many books in tarot that you can buy in a bookstore or borrow from the library as well as various tarot websites.

You collect the tarot meanings which resonate with you and discard those that don't. Examine and identify which principles are agreed upon and those that borders on controversy and debate.

2. This kind of approach is a more practical one and will get you to your goals faster. Focus on the symbolism of your chosen tarot deck. Study it with the help of a symbol dictionary. Take note what stands out and analyze through the symbols' corresponding meanings.

You can do it in any fashion, study the symbols of the Major Arcana cards first or according to tarot suits. The choice is yours.

3. This approach requires you to personally link with each card.Draw one card in the morning and draw another card in the evening until you finish all seventy-eight cards and start all over again, depending on how many rounds you want to go. Think of the card's association to you-reminding you of an idea, story,events,experiences,people and what happens to you on that particular day. Write it down on your tarot journal. In the process, you will arrive at you own meanings and interpretations.

All these approaches to learning to read tarot are not individually exclusive. You can combine all these three approaches-compile a list of traditional tarot meanings, studying and concentrating mainly on the card's symbols and then blending your own personal association with each of the cards of the tarot deck.

Once you amalgamate your knowledge, experience and philosophy, reading the tarot becomes second nature to you. You will create insightful and inspiring readings. Just like the tennis student eventually breezing through the tennis game at last.

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