Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Want To Know The Real Reason Why You Read Tarot

The path of the tarot is not for everyone. Before giving tarot readings ask yourself, what is my desire and purpose? What are my intentions?

The tarot is a powerful potent tool. Given in the right hands implies great responsibility, because the tarot can be used for empowerment or dis-empowerment.

The tarot will enable you to take a glimpse of the whole view of the causes and effects in your snapshot of life at any given moment. It will enable you to look ahead (predict the future) and at the same time look with in ( introspection of the effects and determining what caused them).

For everything that happens in the world we live in, is reflected in the world of tarot. So any changes of energies whether fluctuations or surges in the world we live in, will somehow effect the tarot beyond our worldly perceptions.
The tarot is the most personal of all divinatory system. You can discover your own tarot meanings and you can make your own tarot spreads. The tarot is one big white blank paper upon which to scribble your uniqueness. By using the tarot you can access information of what lies ahead.

Like a road map, it will present different alternative routes to your desired destination. It can be a microscope for examining the slides of your personality, magnifying and analyzing which parts of yourself needs a touch up or your distant past whose meanings remain hazy to you. When you start working with tarot, you will unlock your personal potential.

You look at things differently. The tarot lets you see how events are intertwined and that negative, recurring problems in your life may be lessen because you learned lessons from your mistakes.

The tarot will reveal your weaknesses and your imperfections to allow you to improve them. Provided you have the desire and courage to embrace taking the much needed steps and a change of direction to your chosen path.

The tarot simply lets you recognize and acknowledge what you already know and take actions accordingly. The tarot is a mirror that reflect your own perceptions and beliefs back to you.

Your unconscious becomes conscious. We have myriad of reasons why we want to read tarot, mine is i want to help enlighten and empower my seekers that they are powerful creators of their destiny, not hapless victims of whatever challenges come their way. To guide and make them understand that fate is in their hands and they can have everything they want in life

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