Monday, March 2, 2009

Tarot Meaning- The Lovers

The previous post here on Tarot Meaning Information was the tarot meaning of The Strength

Lovers and close friends take center stage. The old idea of soulmate is suggested here. You are quite simply meant for each other.

Take the time to tell those closest to you what they mean to you when you draw the Lovers.

The other important tarot meaning of the Lovers is choice. The Lovers counsels you to go wherever your heart leads you.

You are full of affection, sexually you are just as happy to initiate and give as well as receive.

If you feel you have sold out in order to gain security, sacrificed your ideals or just please someone else or just plain lazy, The Lovers offers you a chance to get back on the right path.

Tarot Meaning The Lovers reversed

Emotions run high-especially jealousy. Beware of self indulgence and greed. Don't let anyone rush you or push you into things.

The other tarot meaning of The Lovers reversed is relationship difficulties,adultery,sex without love. Within a relationship it indicates a disrupted sex life.

One partner may feel shut out,neglected or frustrated emotionally and physically. These feelings are likely to result in an affair outside the partnership or grdual withdrawal of affection and commitment

If you get this card at the beginning of an affair it serves as a warning. YOu may end up as one point in an eternal triangle and emerge as the loser.

You may be the victim of deception or short lived but powerful feelings. Do not make any irrevocable choices at this time is another tarot meaning of this card's position.

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