Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tarot Meaning Of The Sun

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The tarot meaning of the Sun is that you are glowing with good health. You are able to achieve your dreams. You are likely to win the approval of others.

Another important tarot meaning of The Sun is your mind feels clear and you are able to make far sighted plans.

When you draw the Sun in a tarot reading it means life is good, there is nothing to worry about for success is certain.

If you have been struggling in some areas of your life, things should become easier now. Summer maybe an important time of year for you, a time when things go well and you are able to celebrate some success or happy events like fortunate meetings,the beginning of a new career or wonderful holiday or vacations.

Children are also represented by the Sun. A child develops a natural talent, a longed for baby is born, a child who has been ill or in difficulties wins through.

Tarot Meaning The Sun reversed

Doubts surround your future plans. Vanity and arrogance are indicated as probable blocks to success is the basic tarot meaning of the Sun.

Business or romantic relationship hassle is likely. When you draw The Sun in a tarot reading it warns you to not get wrapped up in yourself so tightly that you ignore your partner's needs or you may feel taken for granted, unappreciated or feel you are not getting not enough attention.
Also one may feel he or she is putting in more than the other. Perhaps one wants to initiate new activities while the othe is resisting change.

Stop being overly dramatic. There may be worries concerning children. Hyperactive babies,children with allergies or there might be problems at school.

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