Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-Two of Wands

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When you draw Two of Wands in a tarot card reading it suggests a rewarding friendships form through work. A successful and prosperous partnership is the basic tarot card meaning of the Two of Wands.

Another important tarot card meaning of Two of Wands is an event that deals with real estate matters.Buying and selling property are under favorable influences. You are able to sign contracts without a hitch. You may make more money than you expected.

Be a willing listener, knowing what people they need, gives you an advantage.

Help is on the way even though you have the self confidence that you can succeed on your own.

Re-examine your goals and know exactly what it is you are trying to achieve.

Tarot Card Meaning-Two of Wands reversed
When you draw the Two of Wands reversed in a tarot card reading ,business partneships may be causing problems. If involved with property transactions be prepared for delays, unforeseen expenses and other disappointments.

Another tarot card meaning of this card's position is there could be a proud, well educated individual holding matters up.

Dont rely too much on loved ones or business associates for advice. Trust your instincts to get you through a crisis.

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