Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tarot Card Meaning-Two of Swords

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When you draw the Two of Swords in a tarot card reading relief is in sight especially if you have problems that is causing you sleepless nights. YOu will be able to stop worrying.

Another tarot card meaning of the Two of Swords suggest ssomeone who wants peace at any price. There is a messy uncontrollable emotions just beneath the surface just lurking, and are being ignored unwilling to confront existing problems for fear of arguments and separation or other imbalances. You avoid rocking the boat so to speak.

Tensions begin to mellow, slow down and relax. Make yourself available to others but dont spread yourself too thin.

The Two of Swords is a lesser manifestation of the cardJustice.

Tarot Card Meaning-Two of Swords reversedWhen you draw the Two of Swords reversed in a tarot card reading, think very carefully. You may not be receiving the best advice. dont rush into signing documents or contracts without reading the smallest of small print.

Another tarot card meaning of this card's position is lies and deceit. Someone may be lying and taking advantage of you.

YOur ability to see merit in all arguments can hamper your ability to make decisions.

Don't vacillate. Aim for cooperation, not confrontation.

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